mode:lina™ Be Amphitheatre Outdoor Event Space
Be Amphitheatre Outdoor Event Space is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Be Amphitheatre Outdoor Event Space

Every society needs space to sit by the campfire, to talk, to see, and express oneself. Amphitheatre has become a place of meaningful gatherings and speeches, a new symbol of this part of Warsaw and a fuel for change. This modern construct looks for a new angle to things already known. The outdoor scene rose to face the demand that haunts Warsaw's business district lack of open and public spaces, free of fences, allowing for casual, friendly meetings out in the open. The final shape of this building is a match made out of the classical formula of the amphitheater and green zones.

Be Amphitheatre Outdoor Event Space
mode:lina™ Be Amphitheatre
mode:lina™ Outdoor Event Space
mode:lina™ design
mode:lina™ design

mode:lina™ is an architectural studio created by Paweł Garus and Jerzy Wozniak in 2009 when both founders where 4th-year students at the architectural studies. Despite their young age mode:lina™ is a studio with many achievements: throughout the 12 years of its existence the studio was mentioned in over 200 national and international publications and won various international and national awards.

Brain Embassy

Brain Embassy is the co-working space brand by Adgar Investments & Development Ltd, a global owner of commercial real estate & a public company traded on the TLV Stock Exchange. Brain Embassy is a choice for those who are looking not only for a workplace but also for space to develop, expand knowledge and synergy between different ways of thinking