Nicolas Boon No48 Fragrance Diffuser
No48 Fragrance Diffuser is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Packaging Design Award Category.
No48 Fragrance Diffuser

The Omecara studio has defined a shape that evokes polished amber or a pebble found on the seashore, thus breaking with the traditional image of ambergris. The shape was designed to evoke solid and liquid, land and sea. The identity is characterized by the number 48, a lettering where the masculine square 4 and the feminine rounded 8 complement each other. The typographic treatment gives an impression of restful lightness, while the gold-colored hot stamping, in the same shade as the perfume, associates container and content. A subtle play of opposites and duality.

No48 Fragrance Diffuser
Nicolas Boon No48
Nicolas Boon Fragrance Diffuser
Nicolas Boon design
Nicolas Boon design
Nicolas Boon

Passionate and demanding, with a truly multidisciplinary approach to creativity, his projects range from product and object design to interior design, typography, publishing and graphic design. The timeless result of his work is a successful combination of tradition and modernity, form and function, aesthetics and authenticity, as evidenced by the eclecticism of his work. The object, the effect it produces and its function are at the heart of his research.


Omecara is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Luxembourg. Simplicity and elegance, form and function are at the heart of its thinking, to provide work that balances classic & contemporary aesthetics, through research and clear concept definition. The studio focuses on functional and relevant design solutions and values carefully crafted and well-executed work.