Iga Alicja Włodkowska Viti Stand
Viti Stand is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Video and Broadcasting Equipment Design Award Category.
Viti Stand

Organic monolith created using the principles of golden proportions and assumptions, i.e.: simplicity, functionality, safety, durability. Deep matt black color and surface texture diffuse light and reduce fleshs. Design inspired by the shapes of nature and based on golden proportions that increase stability and reduce vibrations of the mounted devices. Rounded edges and a handle adjusted to the hand, as well as security measures enabling the carrying of stands with the screen mounted.

Viti Stand
Iga Alicja Włodkowska Viti
Iga Alicja Włodkowska Stand
Iga Alicja Włodkowska design
Iga Alicja Włodkowska design
Iga Alicja Włodkowska

Iga Wlodkowska is artistically active as an image producer at concerts, creates visuals, conceptual films, animations, music videos, writes poetry focusing on science, society and nature. She has been dealing with stage technology and video production for 9 years. Author of video settings for the festival "Róbrege" and the festival "PiP Music Party" (realization live cameras with visuals keying). Creator of short conceptual films, incl. "Ość / Stick", "Retniakcja". She completed practical studies in the field of art education, humanities and social sciences, specializing in Film Editing at the Faculty of Film and Multimedia in Warsaw Film School.


The ViTi brand was designed by visual artist - Iga Wlodkowska and specialist of stage and multimedia technology by Piotr Saneluta. Our brand designs and produces environment friendly products which last for many years. Our products are functional, minimalistic and safe. We put a lot of work and thought into well-designed projects with the end-user in mind.