André Pereira Vieira Slim Desk
Slim Desk is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Office Furniture Design Award Category.
Slim Desk

A contemporary minimalist and very subtle piece that creates a light and effective workspace environment. It adapts to each space with elegance and with the idea of floating. As it is a piece with a minimal and thin profile, the surrounding elements, such as the floor, the decoration and many others, can all breathe and coexist in the same space. In this way the secretary emphasizes the concentration of work but in a relaxed way and without a heavy expression.

Slim Desk
André Pereira Vieira Slim
André Pereira Vieira Desk
André Pereira Vieira design
André Pereira Vieira design
André Pereira Vieira

Azorean architect in love with nature, peace and the island lifestyle


Unika is a registered design brand in the areas of furniture - decoration and projects. Created by two young architects, André Vieira and Samuel Vitorino, it aims to revolutionize and invigorate the region's design market. Nature and the daily life of the Azores islands are the main source of inspiration. There are many ideas that gain wings and form, transforming themselves into pieces of furniture, decoration, design projects. With its own thinking for each situation or project, elaborated to detail, personalization and quality are the watchwords in everyday life.