Guanyu Lou Cloud Castle Lishui Landscape Design
Cloud Castle Lishui Landscape Design is Golden Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Landscape Planning and Garden Design Award Category.
Cloud Castle Lishui Landscape Design

The project focuses on the creation of space, with the intention of achieving organic unity between architecture and landscape space. Green corridors introduce people to the space, and the water features of the plaza integrate the building into the natural environment. The garden provides a place for visitors to relax and enjoy. The design of the participatory landscape allows people to get closer to nature. The landscape mood is created to satisfy the residents' spiritual pursuit. The aesthetic and practical aspects of the habitat environment are organically unified here.

Cloud Castle Lishui Landscape Design
Guanyu Lou Cloud Castle Lishui
Guanyu Lou Landscape Design
Guanyu Lou design
Guanyu Lou design
Guanyu Lou

Lou Guan Yu, male, July 30, 1983, Zhejiang, is the chief designer of Hangzhou jumu landscape design co.,ltd. He graduated from Zhejiang University with a master's degree in landscape architecture. During his 15 years of practice, he has been exposed to various types of landscape projects, especially in urban landscape design, high-end residential landscape, interactive experience landscape, landscape design for retirement communities, and has developed a strong interest in the use of traditional gardens in modern landscapes. He leads an international and integrated landscape design team, JMD Jiu Mu Landscape, with the concept of "Life - Aesthetics - Home", to create a better living environment.


JMD Landscape is an innovative, efficient and dynamic landscape design team, with the guideline of "light comes from a sincere attitude" and the goal of creating a better living environment. At present, the company's projects cover more than 30 cities in China and are gradually expanding overseas. Their design projects have won the Florence Biennale Award, OPAL London Outstanding Design Award, Qianjiang Cup, Garden Artisan Cup, Garden Yeh Cup and other domestic and international awards, and are highly recognized by the industry and owners. The design services cover high-end residential, commercial hotel, tourism resort, urban open public space and other types. JMD JiuMu landscape has attached the infinite possibilities of design to the landscape, giving more space and direction for development. But what remains the same is their exploration of the functional needs and spiritual core of the project, they focus on the inner life experience of people, and their pursuit of the vision of designing a better life. They are committed to the "advanced customization" of landscape design, providing a full range of professional design services for each project and each client. JMD Jiu Mu Landscape - to be a living embellisher.