Yifei Pang Houguan Lake Sales Department
Houguan Lake Sales Department is Golden Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Houguan Lake Sales Department

Combining the design of space with users, seeking the ultimate display of space characteristics, emphasizing the greatest possible function and beauty, and respecting the real needs of users. Life is not only a style, but each is different and exciting.A public leisure spot rich in natural flavor must have exquisite details to create a comfortable and pleasant quiet corner.The construction method exhibition area is also a visually open path, which makes the space feel airy and becomes agile and light.

Houguan Lake Sales Department
Yifei Pang Houguan Lake
Yifei Pang Sales Department
Yifei Pang design
Yifei Pang design
Yifei Pang

Pang Yifei, founder and design director of Pinchen Design receive honor: Australia Melboume Design Awards 2020 [Gold Award] French Novum Design Award 2020 [Gold Award] French Novum Design Award 2020 [Gold Award] 2020 ASIA DESIGN PRIZE WINNER 2020 American MUSE "Platinum Award" representative work: Pinchen Office Wuhan Houguan Lake Sales Department Jinbi Yaju·Luming Mansion·Stacking model room project Jinbi Yaju. Luming Mansion. Stacking model room project.

Pinchen Design

Pinchen Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd., also known as PINCHEN DESIGN, was founded in 2001, 19 years of design precipitation, now has an international design team of more than 100 people, an office area of 3000 square meters, every year Pinchen will face the national market Designing about 300 sets of excellent works has created many achievements and honors for the company. We use materials to carry emotions, record time with light and shadow, ask for inspiration from nature, use design to change life, manipulate vulgarity and boringness, and endow the quality of life with charm. Telling the story of space with the most sincere humanistic spirit, we hope to feel not only the design, but also the influence of art and the pursuit of history. We serve top developers, such as China Greenland, Jinke, Caixin, Longfor, Jinhui, Hongkong Land, China Merchants and more than 30 long-term and stable strategic cooperation. At the same time, we hope to inject surprises into daily life and activate life with design through commercial space and exhibition space.