Box Design Studio Sdn Bhd Hannover Re Office
Hannover Re Office is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Hannover Re Office

Decidedly modern, this office takes on a dynamic shape that speaks suaveness and sophistication, while achieving the main objective of functions for privacy and teamwork environment in most sustainable way. Shades of blue with gradient transition at reception brings out corporate identity, different flooring and finishes are used to achieve desirable zone segregation. Taking the advantage of natural daylight along perimeter window, island layout arrangement provides essential access to resources around while creating bright and airy atmosphere.

Hannover Re Office
Box Design Studio Sdn Bhd Hannover Re
Box Design Studio Sdn Bhd Office
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Box Design Studio Sdn Bhd design
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Based in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Box Design Studio team shares years of experience in architecture and interior design industry. Infused with great enthusiasm in creative excellence, and backed by an extensive network of skilled artisans, we are committed to delivering the best design solution for your dream space. In the hands of a designer, a simple building box rises above its horizon, taking shape in refining the way people think, live, and work in an ideal environment. Box Design Studio is highly inspired working hand in hand with our clients to design and create spaces where people thrive.

Hannover Re

Property & Casualty - Hannover Re's worldwide presence, infrastructure and organisational approach are optimally geared towards our clients and market requirements. Central management combined with local talent, an effective customer relationship management and detailed risk management are Hannover Re's key to providing our clients with the best reinsurance solutions. Life and Health Rein­surance - Hannover Re holds a consis­tently strong position among the leading inter­natio­nally opera­ting life and health rein­surers. Trans­acting all lines of life, health, and annuity busi­ness, Hannover Re has advanced to become a leading pro­vider of rein­surance concepts and solu­tions. The company supports its clients' finan­cing of new busi­ness, finan­cial optimi­sation and offers product partner­ships for strategic market positioning.