Yoshimi Sugiyama Sacred trees II Photography
Sacred trees II Photography is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Category.
Sacred trees II Photography

This is an expression of the spiritual essence of nature through photographs by illuminating those natural creations which are the oldest living organisms on the planet. The Animism Series is for the audiences to feel the warmth of nature and an exciting world of brightly lit illusion. These works are very unique and different from others because creating them requires one of the most difficult photography techniques, such as painting with several flashlights simultaneously at night in the dark.

Sacred trees II Photography
Yoshimi Sugiyama Sacred trees II
Yoshimi Sugiyama Photography
Yoshimi Sugiyama design
Yoshimi Sugiyama design
Yoshimi Sugiyama

Through photographic prints, I try to convey to as many people as possible those thoughts that cannot be conveyed by mere words. Rather, the prints themselves are my words, as well as physical proof of my being. Much of my work is concerned with landscapes, which wield a great deal of spiritual influence over me.