Jingcheng Wu Dandelion Ring
Dandelion Ring is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Jewelry Design Award Category.
Dandelion Ring

The Dandelion Ring was designed after a thorough and closely observation of dandelion, consisted of a surrounded petals that with different details on it, whether if it's twisted, stoned, or carved with countless fine lines. In the jewelry designer Richard Wu's perspective, dandelion reminds him of the lights and freedom, two things he wants to bring to the wearer through the design at this post covid 19 era.

Dandelion Ring
Jingcheng Wu Dandelion
Jingcheng Wu Ring
Jingcheng Wu design
Jingcheng Wu design
Jingcheng Wu

Richard Wu is a designer of jewelry, not only that, he was started as a jade carver, and then whom learnt goldsmith, stone setting, wax carving and etc. The brand Richard Wu Art Jewelry which he founded, is pursuing the most possibilities of jewelry, both design and Technic side. They have shown to the world that the boundaries jewelry is unlimited.

Wu High Jewelry

Established in 2019, by designer Jingcheng Wu. Jingcheng started carving jade when he was young, and studied jewelry design and goldsmithing in Italy. During his career he has won several prices in Jade design, and in the year of 2019 he opened his workshop in Shenzhen, China. Committed to explain the beautiness of nature and the philosophy of Wabi-sabi.