Yu Ju Lin Midst of Light Residential
Midst of Light Residential is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Midst of Light Residential

In order to create a warm and gentle retirement home, uses a combination of natural-toned woodgrain colors, stone grayscale colors, and white base colors. And through linear vocabularies such as light lines, panels, soft furnishings, pre-embedding iron, sealing board, marbles, bevel cutting, and extension, and the arrangement of the natural texture of materials, it brings a more coherent and continuous space experience. With transparent large floor-to-ceiling windows, providing sufficient daylight, and injecting a new atmosphere into the overall space.

Midst of Light Residential
Yu Ju Lin Midst of Light
Yu Ju Lin Residential
Yu Ju Lin design
Yu Ju Lin design
Yu Ju Lin

With you as the protagonist in the design story. A beautiful picture of creating a story for you. Whatever you need us to design for you, we will design it for you! Every space has a story. We are the scene designers who build the story, let your story stay in the space all the time, Write the form of life into the space, so that the space is constantly new.

Nini house Interior Design

With "you" as the main character in the design story. A manuscript to create a story for you. We will design what you ask for! Every space has a story, we are building a story scene designer, modest let your story stay, in the space will be written into the shape of the space of life, let the space is not broken new consciousness.