Jonathan Nieh Modern Chinese Chair
Modern Chinese Chair is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Furniture Design Award Category.
Modern Chinese Chair

Inspired by traditional Chinese armchair and Marcel Breuers's No. B33 chair, the Modern Chinese armchair seeks to disrupt the world of furniture design. By utilizing the CNC process technique, this chair is able to preserve the look of a traditional Chinese armchair but overcome the typical construction process, where wood pieces had to be connected through woodworking joints. Instead of the usual angular shape, the modern armchair possess a fluid and seamless form, mimicking the artistry and beauty of calligraphy strokes.

Modern Chinese Chair
Jonathan Nieh Modern Chinese
Jonathan Nieh Chair
Jonathan Nieh design
Jonathan Nieh design
Jonathan Nieh

Niehworks is founded by designer and artist Jonathan Nieh. Jonathan is passion about furniture and product design as a way to expressing the designer’s inner self. Fusing form and function by using simple lines and minimal shapes, Jonathan aims to create a playful yet elegant design to bring quality and style to our everyday items.


Niehworks is a personal design workshop that focuses on furniture and accessory design. To Niehworks, designing a furniture is just like naming a child. The studio hopes that every furniture or accessory project that Niehworks designed can truly represents what the studio stands for, their values, passions, creativity, and imagination, just like how everyone’s names have their own meanings and characteristics.