Alexis Fotilas Aero 45 Pocket Yacht
Aero 45 Pocket Yacht is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award Category.
Aero 45 Pocket Yacht

A cutting-edge vessel rendered by patented hull technology and smart, sustainable engineering for experienced yacht owners, Aero 45 is designed for exploration and can take you around the world with speed and navigation advantages of an Aluminum Rigid Inflatable Boat and the amenities of a Super Yacht. Aero takes the Power RIB as a Pocket Yacht concept further than has ever been attempted before. The challenge of turning the classic lines of a RIB into a luxury vessel that fulfils the needs of an experienced sea-voyager has led to a new approach on seakeeping, sustainability and efficiency

Aero 45 Pocket Yacht
Alexis Fotilas Aero 45
Alexis Fotilas Pocket Yacht
Alexis Fotilas design
Alexis Fotilas design
Alexis Fotilas

Alexios is a Greek economist who after extensive navigation in both calm and rough waters with various sized yachts for more than 20 years, Alexios has developed an exceptional eye for both nautical design aesthetics as well as navigation capabilities. His profound experience has led to the development of Aero 45’ which is his first A-Z creation incorporating top quality standards coupled with deep respect for the environment and the user. Aero 45’ indicates the beginning of a new era in the yacht industry that will allow users to enjoy flexible yachting by using a boat of the right size with the amenities of a much larger yacht and built with very carefully chosen recyclable materials.

A-Line Marine

A-Line Marine is a new company in the field of luxury yachting who commissioned us to develop the design of a revolutionary All Weather Pocket Super Yacht, namely the Aero 45.