Maxwell Brazo Spark Travel Guitar
Spark Travel Guitar is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Musical Instruments Design Award Category.
Spark Travel Guitar

The overall design aims solve issues of instrument portability for everyday use and to provide an effectively familiar and transformative experience to user, as well as test the current limitations of new-age alternatives to traditional materials and methods of guitar-making. A new travel-electric silhouette informed by tradition, tailored to individual expression. Realized through use of computer-aided design applications, fused filament fabrication, and recycled bio-composite filaments.

Spark Travel Guitar
Maxwell Brazo Spark
Maxwell Brazo Travel Guitar
Maxwell Brazo design
Maxwell Brazo design
Maxwell Brazo

Up and coming industrial designer looking to expand into more innovative markets. Strong experience taking product from initial concepts through final production. Interests in creative expression through thoughtful problem solving in various categories. Located in the Greater New York City area.

Maxwell Brazo

Personal design brand associated with works completed by Maxwell Brazo; Expertise in Industrial Design and Product Development, with degrees from R.I.T and University of Oregon, currently working to further develop professionally within the design industry.