SATOH Hirotaka Hitoe Fold Aria Wallet
Hitoe Fold Aria Wallet is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Category.
Hitoe Fold Aria Wallet

What makes this wallet unique is its thinness. This is achieved by a unique layout in which cards and coins do not overlap. It is also small with a lean configuration. Yet, it provides ample storage capacity suitable for a cashless society. The inner hook that hooks onto the cards to be stored acts as a fastener while preventing the cards from falling out unexpectedly. Payment can be completed with a minimum of actions. Made of vegetable-tanned leather from Italia and manufactured with Japanese traditional craftsmanship.

Hitoe Fold Aria Wallet
SATOH Hirotaka Hitoe Fold Aria
SATOH Hirotaka Wallet
SATOH Hirotaka design
SATOH Hirotaka design
SATOH Hirotaka

SATOH Hirotaka is an architect based in Tokyo, Japan. He aims to realize excellent architecture and urban design. He believe the meaning of design embraces not just form but also direction, goals, and the balance between cost, function, and other elements. Design means constructing new values and concepts.


SYRINX, a D2C leather brand established in 2016, designs its products with the theme of lightness of body and comfort of mind. The common philosophy of SYRINX is to be minimalistic and functional. Their logical and unique products are highly evaluated both inside and outside of Japan.