Pimploy Sabchareon Tenement H Modular Cabinet
Tenement H Modular Cabinet is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Furniture Design Award Category.
Tenement H Modular Cabinet

Tenemnet H are experimental project exploring new possibilities of Bangkok through designs. It is a modular cubby storage system that reflects the exhibition's domestic theme. Inspired by the multifaceted facades of Bangkok shophouses, Tenement H features customizable barriers that range from scissor gates to accordion doors, shutters, and railings. Constructed from aluminum, Tenement H is modular and versatile by design, allowing access to the storage units from all sides and multifunctional as a semi partition for your room as well.

Tenement H Modular Cabinet
Pimploy Sabchareon Tenement H
Pimploy Sabchareon Modular Cabinet
Pimploy Sabchareon design
Pimploy Sabchareon design
Pimploy Sabchareon

Pimploy is a Bangkok based product-furniture design student who believes that great work are ones with simple idea but execute in the most efficient way possible. She has been participating in exhibitions with Thai young emerging designer. Besides furniture- product, she also worked on graphic, packaging and service design. Her works are influenced by her interests in colors - city observations and characterize by the bold and fun design aesthetic.