Shelly Agronin Salvador Decorative Clock
Salvador Decorative Clock is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Furniture Design Award Category.
Salvador Decorative Clock

Salvador clock is a modern version of the melted clock by Spanish painter Dali. The project began on March 2020, at the very beginning of the first lockdown. During this period, lots of people all around the world felt the time has slowed down. Liquid, melted time became the inspiration for the design. The challenge was to create a desirable object that will upgrade any home office and will make the work from home more pleasant. The simple, minimalist shape allows this item to be functional and to fit different home styles.

Salvador  Decorative Clock
Shelly Agronin Salvador
Shelly Agronin Decorative Clock
Shelly Agronin design
Shelly Agronin design
Shelly Agronin

Shelly Agronin - Israeli designer and owner of "Studio Wallaby". She is 42, married, and has 3 daughters. Her passion is to shift an average object through design and to create fascinating experiences that connect emotionally. Shapes, technologies, and styling appeal to her. From this alchemy comes her creativity, and the ability to provide smart solutions. Throughout her career, she worked on cross-disciplinary teams, with engineers, graphic designers, and marketing teams in a wide range of categories: from consumer electronics to jewelry; from mass production consumer plastic items to niche one-offs, from idea to product. Shelly’s favorite technology in the last decade is metal bending. Even after the development of hundreds of products, the process of transition from a two-dimensional layout to a three-dimensional product amazed her every time a new.

Studio Wallaby

Design studio and metal origami brand specialize in creative gifts and home decor. The stunning pieces of metal origami arrive flat & are then folded into their intended designs, resulting in a work of art that is both interactive and aesthetically pleasing. Our clocks are already folded and arrive ready for use. ​