C&D Inc. (Wuxi Subsidiary) Shang Yuan Demonstration Center
Shang Yuan Demonstration Center is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Landscape Planning and Garden Design Award Category.
Shang Yuan Demonstration Center

The project adopts the layout and form of the Summer Palace to set a magnificent tone, and meanwhile adsorbs the distinctive liveliness of Jiangnan gardens. The overall layout draws on the dignified form of Summer Palace, while the details refer to delicate Jiangnan gardens. In this way, the design integrates the quintessence of gardens in north and south China and truly creates various scenes in every garden, which offers changing landscapes to the moving visitors. The project presents different views in each garden, combines landscape and functionality.

Shang Yuan Demonstration Center
C&D Inc. (Wuxi Subsidiary) Shang Yuan
C&D Inc. (Wuxi Subsidiary) Demonstration Center
C&D Inc. (Wuxi Subsidiary) design
C&D Inc. (Wuxi Subsidiary) design
C&D Inc. (Wuxi Subsidiary)

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