Saber Sajadi Marjan Beach Bridge
Marjan Beach Bridge is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Construction and Real Estate Projects Design Award Category.
Marjan Beach Bridge

Marjan Bridge is an iconic project which is based on biomorphic design. The inspiration idea of this symbolic design comes from coral and some other creatures that live in and around coral reefs for their survival such as crabs and shrimps. This site is located in an exceptional area of a tropical coral island known as the Pearl of the Persian Gulf named Kish Island. This project is a multi-function bridge with 680 meters walking path, many cozy spaces, café tera, gym, and marine park. These spaces can contribute to a community’s vitality to seat, slow down, and enjoy the present moments.

Marjan Beach Bridge
Saber Sajadi Marjan
Saber Sajadi Beach Bridge
Saber Sajadi design
Saber Sajadi design
Saber Sajadi

Saber Sajadi is an Iranian Architect, university tutor, supervisor and professor assistant in undergraduate and post graduate. He was born in 1982, and has studied three majors at the university. Architecture, Industrial Design and Nanotechnology. He completed his undergraduate studies in Iran and moved to England to continue his education in masters and PhD degree. He completed his Masters of Architecture at Oxford school of Architecture (David Greene studio at Oxford Brookes University) with distinction in advanced architectural design, then moved to Manchester and continued his study in PhD degree at university of Manchester in the field of Sustainable architectural design and has many researches in aspects of, passive cooling system and wind catchers in historical building and also in Bio design theory. now he is collaborating with Warsaw Polytechnic University in Poland and some other universities in Iran. He has worked with many companies in United Kingdom and middle east as an architect and design manager. He established his design Studio in Warsaw as name as Ray Design Studio in 2015 and designed many projects as low rise and Highrise projects since that time which most of them is located in middle east area.