Sebastiaan Van beest Minimal Techno Arm Chair
Minimal Techno Arm Chair is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Furniture Design Award Category.
Minimal Techno Arm Chair

This is a prototype arm chair which is constructed from recycled solid steel and repurposed bamboo hardwood flooring. It has a matte black coating with brushed brass screws to hold the hardwood slats in place. Even though the design is delicate, the matte black and brushed brass add a certain sense of robustness. This piece is designed to feel as if it does not take up much space, yet has a very strong presence in any room.

Minimal Techno Arm Chair
Sebastiaan Van beest Minimal Techno
Sebastiaan Van beest Arm Chair
Sebastiaan Van beest design
Sebastiaan Van beest design
Sebastiaan Van beest

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Sebastiaan always had a love for sound and design. Winning competitions at a young age for things such as the new Euro money at the age of 14. He spent most of his youth as a graffiti artist running from the authorities. At the age 18 he started to transfer his skills to canvas. Mostly for himself and friends. He never pursued and exhibition nor did he think he was ready, yet. At the age of 20, he moved to Vancouver, Canada, where he had to work for a living. He started producing electronic music as a hobby and performing around the world. He has had many releases on different iconic record labels over the years. He took a step back from music to focus more on work. Creating and designing took a back seat for about 5 years. Just recently he found new inspiration once again to create. He started painting again and making music. Built a workshop to build his furniture and sculptures. He believes now is the time to fully follow his life long dream of being a full time designer. His designs are minimal with focus on the use of negative space to make an impact. He has a strong belief that less is more and that the loudest notes are the ones that aren't played. This translates well into his furniture. Every design is meticulously minimal yet has a very strong presence. Use space without taking up space is his motto.

Ooak designs

Ooak Designs by Sebastiaan van Beest is a furniture and art based company with focus on minimal clean lines and the use of repurposed materials. They do however use new materials when there are no suitable used materials available for a project. Everything is designed and produced inhouse in Vancouver, British Columbia. Every piece is built to order and built by hand with exceptional attention to detail. The name Ooak stands for "one of a kind", which is exactly what each piece is. Since it is made by hand, every piece is just a little different than the next. Each piece receives a badge of authenticity which is signed by Sebastiaan himself and a unit number. Most pieces are limited to a certain amount made. Ooak also does interior design and custom pieces as per request.