Artur Nesterenko The Rossmore Penthouse Condominium
The Rossmore Penthouse Condominium is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
The Rossmore Penthouse Condominium

The Rossmore Penthouse is part of the new contemporary luxury apartment building located in Hancock Park, Los Angeles. The interior of the penthouse boasts a 3-level extravagant unit inspired by Art Deco elements. The use of natural materials and CLT provides a luxurious, airy feel that merges old-world charm with contemporary design. The unit features a sculptural staircase that wraps around an open-sky garden, inviting the serenity of the outdoors into the penthouse - whether it be a bright sunny day or a calm rainy evening.

The Rossmore Penthouse Condominium
Artur Nesterenko The Rossmore Penthouse
Artur Nesterenko Condominium
Artur Nesterenko design
Artur Nesterenko design
Artur Nesterenko

I am a designer, a real estate developer, a futurist, and a father. Today technology has become a force of control, creating a society inflated by stress, isolation, and confusion. The relationship between nature, human and the environment we live in are now disconnected from one another with any regards to time and space. My goal is to create unique built environments that have emotional meaning to bridge the gap between architecture, nature, and humans.

Archillusion Design

Archillusion is a collective of multi-talented Designers and Developers that are passionate about creating innovative, landmark developments that integrate seamlessly into their environments. By involving designers from the onset of the project, they create fully realized business opportunities that intertwine architectural and financial design. With each project, they conduct meticulous due diligence and ensure that they have buy-in from key stakeholders, in the preliminary phases, to ensure a smooth and timely delivery. Their vertically integrated team allows them to mitigate risk whilst providing high-value returns to their investors and partners.