Chingiz Akchurin Akchurin New York Hardcover Book
Akchurin New York Hardcover Book is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Limited Edition and Custom Design Award Category.
Akchurin New York Hardcover Book

Reimagine everything you know about houses, building, and city infrastructure. This big book challenges the worn-out building methods that hold the world back from energy independence. The step-by-step net-zero building process is detailed with engineering diagrams, inventions, and designs. The hot graphite foil-stamped limited-edition volume with a matching stamped slipcase or ebony box is a collector’s edition. The artistic presentation of nature through pictures, metaphors, and descriptions inspires everyone to believe in a sustainable world.

Akchurin New York Hardcover Book
Chingiz Akchurin Akchurin New York
Chingiz Akchurin Hardcover Book
Chingiz Akchurin design
Chingiz Akchurin design
Akchurin New York

Akchurin’s Mission is to accelerate the development of sustainable building solutions by creating high-tech design and technology to provide energy and water independent, eco-friendly houses. We believe innovative designs revolutionize lives, empower people, and deliver real-life solutions.