Artmask group SLV Group Promo Animation
SLV Group Promo Animation is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Movie, Video and Animation Design Award Category.
SLV Group Promo Animation

An original way of presenting a company that is a manufacturer of building scaffolding. The animation describes each stage of construction, from casting metal pipes, through galvanizing and welding, to obtaining the final structure, which is the company's logo in the animation. The motto of the company and this campaign is Impossible constructions do not exist.

SLV Group Promo Animation
Artmask group SLV Group Promo
Artmask group Animation
Artmask group design
Artmask group design
SLV Group

We specialize in the production of modern modular scaffolding systems (slv-m) and facade scaffolding (facade) also called frame scaffolding (SLV-73 and SLV-70). The scaffoldings we offer are designed and made by qualified staff using modern technology. Our production plant with the most modern, fully automated production line is located in Sulnowo near Świecie. From there, the scaffoldings are transported to the company's headquarters - to Carpenter near Oleśnica. Here they are stored in warehouses with an area of approximately 9.000m2. The large surface allows us to quickly process orders (even in 24h) and simultaneously load up to 8 trucks. Extensive experience in production, logistics and our commitment to projects enable us to provide high-quality scaffolding in good time to our contractors.