Jan Kadlec AirBuddy Surface Supplied Dive Gear
AirBuddy Surface Supplied Dive Gear is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design Award Category.
AirBuddy Surface Supplied Dive Gear

From a distance, AirBuddy resembles a miniature inflatable boat - a marine motive that creates emotional connection with the main customer segment, the boaters. With the vision to create the smallest, lightest, and most powerful recreational SSBA unit, the design is functional and naturally respects the laws of physics. Hence why the air reservoir (float) is using toroidal shape, the second-best shape (after sphere) to distribute the hoop and longitudinal stress created by the air pressure in its walls. AirBuddy's design conveys ease of use, yet robustness and technological excellence.

AirBuddy Surface Supplied Dive Gear
Jan Kadlec AirBuddy
Jan Kadlec Surface Supplied Dive Gear
Jan Kadlec design
Jan Kadlec design
Jan Kadlec

Technology enthusiast, experienced business professional and a passionate diver. Inventor of AirBuddy, a small, lightweight and easy to use equipment for recreational diving. My vision is to bring the ease of snorkeling into the fascinating world of diving, so that more people can explore and appreciate the beauty of our marine life.

AirBuddy, OXY Pty Ltd

OXY Pty Ltd, designs, manufactures and retails battery-powered Surface Supplied Breathing Apparatus (SSBA) under our registered brand AirBuddy. AirBuddy provides a lightweight, compact and hassle-free alternative to Scuba tanks and is typically used by recreational divers for shallow-water diving to explore reefs or perform underwater maintenance of their boats.