Nargiza Usmanova Outsiders Lighting Performance
Outsiders Lighting Performance is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Performing Arts, Style and Scenery Design Award Category.
Outsiders Lighting Performance

It is a lighting show that was staged at three different locations in Oakville (ON, Canada). The performance is fiction on the theme of Energy. In the story, the Outsiders came to Earth not as invaders but as highly intelligent creatures with a lot of knowledge to share with humans. The main point of the project: the energy is actually found inside of us. It is the foundation of human livelihood and maybe a key to solving the energy problem on Earth. To visualize the idea, the artist has designed lighting costumes using LED modules and zip-ties.

Outsiders Lighting Performance
Nargiza Usmanova Outsiders
Nargiza Usmanova Lighting Performance
Nargiza Usmanova design
Nargiza Usmanova design
NUMZ Graphics

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