Ilana Seleznev Colorful Calendar Decorative Year Board
Colorful Calendar Decorative Year Board is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Art Materials, Stationery Supplies and Gift Items Design Award Category.
Colorful Calendar Decorative Year Board

The colors of the calendar cards bring happiness and positivity to every place they are in. It has bold wooden stand and it a reminder that time is as old as a thousand yesterday’s yet as modern as tomorrow. This Colorful Calendar can be customized to fit any shape color palette and branding. It was designed by a self-developed method called Math of Design Thinking Inside the Box.

Colorful Calendar Decorative Year Board
Ilana Seleznev Colorful Calendar
Ilana Seleznev Decorative Year Board
Ilana Seleznev design
Ilana Seleznev design
Studio RDD - Ilana Seleznev

My name is Ilana and my profession is industrial design. My award-winning design firm creates quality promotional merchandise from a wide array of materials custom-made to suit every budget and need. I have made it my mission to build a product design studio unlike any other by placing an emphasis on highly-personalized customer service. I and my team of designers will work side-by-side with our customers from our first meeting through the roll-out of the product, ensuring that our shared vision is met or exceeded. We will be there at every turn with you – making your dreams a reality.