Mercku Inc Wise Wireless Sensor
Wise Wireless Sensor is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Product Engineering and Technical Design Award Category.
Wise Wireless Sensor

Wireless Intelligence Sensing (WISe) combines unique hardware and computing breakthroughs to accurately measure heartbeat, breath rates, and other vital signs without wearables. Innovations include minimizing wireless interference and fitting seven antennas in a coin-sized space. Cutting-edge computation isolates sensor signals from environmental noise and measures minuscule rhythms like heartbeats, non-intrusively, from meters away.

Wise Wireless Sensor
Mercku Inc Wise
Mercku Inc Wireless Sensor
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Founded in 2017 in Waterloo, Canada, Mercku is revolutionizing the foundation for wireless sensing and smart homes. Built on decades of design and engineering expertise, Mercku's founders have over 450 patents in network technology and bring proprietary innovation to the world of connectivity. To create a positive impact using powerful and easy-to-use technology, Mercku’s relentless innovation and thought leadership will transform the IoT and wireless sensing space and all aspects of everyday life into something far greater.