Mehdi Atashfaraz Bellda Lampshade
Bellda Lampshade is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Bellda Lampshade

An easy to install, hanging lampshade that simply fits on any light bulb without a need to any tool or electrical expertise. The design of the products enables the user to simply put it on and take it off the bulb without much effort to create a visually pleasant lighting source in a budget or temporary accommodation. Since the functionality of this product is embedder in its form, the production cost is similar to the one for an ordinary plastic flowerpot. Possibility of personalization to the user’s taste take by painting or adding any decorative elements creates a unique character.

Bellda Lampshade
Mehdi Atashfaraz Bellda
Mehdi Atashfaraz Lampshade
Mehdi Atashfaraz design
Mehdi Atashfaraz design
Mehdi Atashfaraz

Being simple and inspired from past, cultural and folkloric stories constitute the values for this brand. The designed products respectable entities that enter our lives, live with us and once we are gone, tell other what they witnessed. Each local product registers the story or a piece of local culture in a greater social memory, way beyond the region that it is known. In addition, it creates the production and distribution network that helps the local economy too. In a nutshell, “a dignified look to the product” during the design is the main approach since each object is a diarium that records the stories of people and how they lived to pass it on to others.


LOOTRA is a particular brand that tries to maintain the independence of its creativity. It’s main area of activity is product design and packaging. LOOTRA’s strategy is to develop a story based on cultural and identity concepts while considering simplicity in design and production processes.