Sini Majuri Bumpy Vase
Bumpy Vase is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Furniture Design Award Category.
Bumpy Vase

Bumpy vessel balances with contrasts as rough glass pieces become ice like ornaments when combined with oval shape. Scandinavian color palette creates harmony to the studio made vases that are inspired by Nordic nature and melting ice. Bumpy vase plays with contrasts. High quality meet rough glass shards that look as ornaments when placed on the rim of the vessel.

Bumpy Vase
Sini Majuri Bumpy
Sini Majuri Vase
Sini Majuri design
Sini Majuri design
Sini Majuri

Glass artist Sini Majuri works in Helsinki, Finland. Her works have been exhibited in the USA, Japan, China, Europe and Canada. She has also been awarded for her work at Beijing Fashion Week in China. She combines 3D-design with old glass blowing techniques. Many of her works are surrealistic stories captured inside blown glass.

Sini Majuri

Sini Majuri is a Finnish glass designer from Helsinki. She has been working in the field of design from 2008, concentrating into studio made glass. Majuri approaches glass material from the viewpoint of Scandinavian design tradition, combining it to modern 3D design. The emphasis in her design philosophy is the desire to create objects, which get their value from timeless design, quality materials and unique ideas.