Alex King Pokermate Deluxe Poker with Holder
Pokermate Deluxe Poker with Holder is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Toys, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Category.
Pokermate Deluxe Poker with Holder

The present design is deliberately developed for older persons to enjoy card playing during pandemic – younger adults will stay at home for work and have more time to take care of their grandparents. Poker is printed on a fine smooth paper so that player could use less effort to shuffle. Sans-serif fonts are printed on upper left and lower right corners are being enlarged so that players could read clearly even if they are in low sensory abilities. It is the best design for players who enjoy playing Big Two, Chinese Poker and Matching Games with all family members with the oval wooden stand.

Pokermate Deluxe Poker with Holder
Alex King Pokermate Deluxe
Alex King Poker with Holder
Alex King design
Alex King design
Alex King

Dr. Alex King is a product designer and worked extensively in Hong Kong and Shanghai. He holds a Bachelor degree in Product Design and MBA in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is specializing in inclusive design, health care, elderly research and sustainable product development. He has received numerous design awards over the past 16 years in design industry. Recently, he swept the champion in Mobile Collection Points Design Competition organized by Environmental Protection Department, HKSAR, offering a flexible recycling solution for public and recyclers. He was an awarded designer in New Business Ideas Incubation Circle Convention, New World Development in 2017. In 2010, he designed a pair of ‘Broken Frame” to raise awareness on re-establishing human relationship not with the eyes, but with the mind. This makes him took a Silver Prize from OPUS JAPAN Optical Design Competition in Osaka. Dr. King promotes Inclusive Design since he joined multi-national corporations of telecommunication in 2003. He worked closely with Switel, Sanyo, Motorola and PCCW to develop simplified phone for older persons benefiting people for all. Dr. King has substantial experience in teaching. He teaches bachelor courses in PolyU and HKDI and committed to contributing and promoting creative industry. He had successfully developed foundation design courses and e-learning programmes for part-time learners in Open University of Hong Kong as he believed design innovation can change our world. He was nominated as subject officer on behalf of OUHK in Creative Industry Discipline of CreateHK. He is a full member of HKDA, CSD and IET and served as judger for footwear, sustainable tableware and international product design competitions since 2009. Recently, Alex is appointed as principal consultant in game sets design for people with dementia and flexible showcase for luxury jewelry with NGOs and listed company respectively.

A&J Design

A&J Design is a fast-moving company in Hong Kong strives to become the leading design and print consultancy. We have a small team of researchers to conduct qualitative research and participative design research to explore the latent needs of target groups. Collaborative project-based partners include Social Welfare Department, Environmental Protection Department and local secondary schools. We are award-winning design agency offering high quality brand product design, sustainable packaging, stationery and healthcare products.