daehyeon kim RNMS totebag Multifunctional
RNMS totebag Multifunctional is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Category.
RNMS totebag Multifunctional

RNMS considers color contrast the most important thing. Each part of the bag is expressed in different colors. The exterior is as simple as possible so that you can concentrate on the color. And there is a pocket inside the bag, so you can store your cell phone, wallet, etc. And this bag has waterproof function. There are 6 colors in the strap, so you can choose according to your preference. Also, you can show the handle or not depending on your preference when you carry a bag.

RNMS totebag Multifunctional
daehyeon kim RNMS totebag
daehyeon kim Multifunctional
daehyeon kim design
daehyeon kim design
daehyeon kim

I hope to use it over and over, thinking about how the products I make can bring joy to people. In other words, it is a desire to remain valuable. They don't work simply to make a profit by selling things. If this was the reason, I didn't have to do fashion business. Because I love fashion, I think that I can do this with a joyful and happy heart, and this sincere heart reflects on the product.


RNMS launched in September 2018. The representative and designer of RNMS is dae hyeon kim. (majored in material engineering at university and studied fashion design at graduate school.) There are two main products of RNMS. First of all, one is 8panel campcap, and it has design rights for this product. The other, RNMS totebag, was awarded the K-design Award, one of Asia's three major design awards (2020), and also received the Asia Design Prize (Karim Rashid is the chairman of the jury). In the second half of 2021 (October), rnms is scheduled to participate in Vancouver Fashion Week.