David Chen Heito 1909 Urban Park
Heito 1909 Urban Park is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Urban Planning and Urban Design Award Category.
Heito 1909 Urban Park

Buildings and lands have been constantly removing and rebuild in this era, every project is a bit of “Tabula Rasa”. Transformation of Heito 1909 is a rare project of adaptive reuse, instead of being obsessed with iconic buildings, everything in the park is designed inside out as the extension of the ruins. The unique design creatively incorporates the ruins and damaged structures into the urban facilities for citizens to experience. Significantly, the park provides a place for people to engage in quality natural environments within a metropolitan city.

Heito 1909 Urban Park
David Chen Heito 1909
David Chen Urban Park
David Chen design
David Chen design
David Chen

Terra Arch Design Studio is a design team based in Taipei. The design goals are not just for aesthetic value but also for social impact, and they are famous for the adaptive reuse landscape project. The studios diverse projects range from landscape and architecture design to commercial and graphic design. The studio mainly cooperates with the city government and real estate developers.

Pingtung County Government, Pan Men-an

The local government of Taiwan that governs Pingtung County. The incumbent magistrate is Pan Men-an. Pingtung, the only county that is diverse in the aspects of geology, ecology, and ethnicity in Taiwan. As well as a county in Southern Taiwan known for its agriculture and tourism. In recent years, it promotes specialties such as tuna and wax apples. Pingtung is where Kenting National Park, the oldest and the largest national park in Taiwan. Located to the south of Tropic of Cancer, Pingtung County has a tropical monsoon climate. Although the summer in Pingtung is exceptionally long, it is not particularly hot. Conditioned by Taiwan Strait and Bashi Channel and the ocean monsoons, the temperature is moderate there.