Qing Yan Elves Camping Accessories
Elves Camping Accessories is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Outdoor Gear and Camping Equipment Design Award Category.
Elves Camping Accessories

"Elves" is a camping accessory set that offers sustainable design solutions for users that are conscientious about their carbon footprint and the impacts on the environment. At the heart is a re-imagined fireplace that runs on solar energy and is designed to provide a new experience, complete with an area to roast marshmallows. After all, sustainability needs the products in the set to help provide a positive camping experience in nature, without creating more CO2 emissions by doing so.

Elves Camping Accessories
Qing Yan Elves
Qing Yan Camping Accessories
Qing Yan design
Qing Yan design
Qing Yan

Qing Yan is a lifestyle designer. She loves to provide high-end delightfulness to audiences. Chinese traditional culture influences her to focus on craftsmanship and deliver elegant, yet modest solutions. Her design journey is creating the simplicity and beauty of products, helping people express their aesthetics and attitudes.