Elias Stahl Georgia Fashion Footwear
Georgia Fashion Footwear is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 3D Printed Forms and Products Design Award Category.
Georgia Fashion Footwear

Georgia is an open toe 3” block heel with a flexible 3D printed sole that feels like a sneaker and looks like a clog. The platform combines a traditional insole, midsole, outsole, and shank of a high heel into a single 3D-printed platform that embodies the performance requirements of each of these layers within a complete construction. Inset into the platform is a woven mesh of lattice that acts as a dynamic form of supportive cushion. To top it off, a soft leather upper that comes with two interchangeable strap options.

Georgia Fashion Footwear
Elias Stahl Georgia
Elias Stahl Fashion Footwear
Elias Stahl design
Elias Stahl design
Elias Stahl

Elias is the co-founder and CEO of HILOS, a startup changing the way the world makes. I began my career in the Israeli special forces, then went on to build software products for Fortune100 companies. While working with these name brands I confronted how much the weight of legacy production was limiting their way to measurably transform their businesses. I founded HILOS to drive the next generation of manufacturing, delivering what's needed when it's needed by making on-demand, locally and sustainably.


HILOS' mission is to change the way we make so that nothing goes to waste and everything that's put in can be taken back. We do this through our zero-waste manufacturing process paired with our circularity program. Our zero-waste manufacturing process utilizes 3d printing so we only make what's needed exactly when it's needed. While our circularity program allows our customers to send back their shoes for disassembly, so every piece can be repurposed for a second life.