Anamarija Leljak Happetsy Brand Identity
Happetsy Brand Identity is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Happetsy Brand Identity

The Brand Identity is built in a specific way to evoke positive feelings in the customers. The visual concept is based on simplicity and in the playful game of the old-school retro style with elements of modern. Retro style is embodied in the color palette, handwritten typeface, and polka dot patterns. On the other hand, the clean layouts, and sans serif typeface are framing the retro brand look with a professional, modern touch. This unique approach creates a functional design that resonates with the target audience and represents the company's values - trust, commitment, and happiness.

Happetsy  Brand Identity
Anamarija Leljak Happetsy
Anamarija Leljak Brand Identity
Anamarija Leljak design
Anamarija Leljak design
Anamarija Leljak

Anamarija is an up-and-coming graphic designer who strongly believes that design is created by humans, for humans. Design to her is a delicate form of communicating ideas and emotions. Her design decisions are based on a deep understanding of human psychology. Before pursuing design studies, she obtained a master's in pedagogy in Croatia. She studied design and worked in the design industry in Denmark where her fresh perspective was highly appreciated while working with the clients such as American British Tobacco, and Grundfos. She brings up the best from danish minimalism combined with the swiss contemporary design by adding her passionate and emotional perception of the world.


Happetsy is a pet brand for dogs and cats that operates as an online shop. They are targeting pet lovers in the United States of America. Products are designed to serve the needs of pet owners but also the pets, and they include leashes, collars, hygienic products, toys, etc. The company’s mission is to encourage a strong bond between customers and their pets by providing them products that contribute to their happy relationship. Happetsy delivers cute & medium quality products with accessible pricing, which makes their bond even more cheerful. The focus was not on premium product offers, it was on the Trust, Commitment to Customers, Animal rights, and Happiness/Fun, which are the company core values.