Egor Maraev Tinkoff Investment - Lazy Money Advertising Video
Tinkoff Investment - Lazy Money Advertising Video is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Movie, Video and Animation Design Award Category.
Tinkoff Investment - Lazy Money Advertising Video

Designers task was to attract the attention of a viewer, and they decided to do this with a memorable character. They thought for a long time how to portray lazy money and eventually turned to George Washington. The created character turned out to be quite unusual taking into consideration that this was an advertising for bank service. Designers used a rather complex animation technique that included elements of cel animation and cutout animation. They were delighted with working with this bank. Clients were ready to listen to them and agreed to use a rather bold image in their advertising.

Tinkoff Investment - Lazy Money Advertising Video
Egor Maraev Tinkoff Investment - Lazy Money
Egor Maraev Advertising Video
Egor Maraev design
Egor Maraev design
Egor Maraev

I'm a creative director of my own Blaster animation studio. We have been making high-quality animated advertising videos for 5 years. In our country there are a lot of animators, but very small amount of them work in advertising industry. My mission is to promote russian animation talents to european market. Our works are sometimes shown at various advertising festivals in Russia and abroad. In particular, we have 2 awards from the Russian Big Picture Fest. I believe that modern advertising must necessarily use the expressive language of animation, and we are actively working on the development of this language.

Blaster Studio

Blaster Animation Studio is an international team of animation and computer graphics professionals. The team creates character cartoons for advertising, infographics, educational and presentational videos. The studio has in-house directors who are working on their own methodology for creating expressive animated advertising videos.