Sheng-Lun Huang Silicon Infusion Dosing System
Silicon Infusion Dosing System is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Idea Design Award Category.
Silicon Infusion Dosing System

This is a semi automatic precise infusion solution dosing system that controls flow rate and time of intravenous medication. The simple mechanical timers and flow rate valves above and below iv dosing tube can be used to improve medical problems caused by medical staff control of flow rate and time of medication.

Silicon Infusion Dosing System
Sheng-Lun Huang Silicon
Sheng-Lun Huang Infusion Dosing System
Sheng-Lun Huang design
Sheng-Lun Huang design
Sheng-Lun Huang

After experiencing the infectious disease covid-19 that caused heavy casualties around the world, I hope that more designers can contribute to the survival of mankind and reduce more innocent deaths.

Design Lions

The design team (Design Lions) has personally experienced low efficiency medical care and is committed to developing better medical equipment to improve human well being.