Atsushi Morita Origami Mask Fashion Mask
Origami Mask Fashion Mask is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Category.
Origami Mask Fashion Mask

This project was inspired by the traditional origami technique of folding a single sheet of paper and the functionality of washi paper, with its texture and breathability, a technique and material born in Japan. This origami mask is a project that combines two traditional elements that are familiar to Japanese people: washi and origami.

Origami Mask Fashion Mask
Atsushi Morita Origami Mask
Atsushi Morita Fashion Mask
Atsushi Morita design
Atsushi Morita design
Atsushi Morita

At Paper Parade, our theme is to create new value in paper and printing while crossing the boundaries between digital and physical. While experimenting with new forms of expression and exploring new concepts, we will continue to develop works that change the values ​​of paper, printing, and materials, centering on graphic design. We are able to express ourselves uniquely while being influenced by the two forms of expression, design and artwork. The origin of Paper Parade is "exploring the possibilities of paper and printing". I believe that combining paper and printing with new elements will lead to even more possibilities.

Paper Parade Inc.

Atsushi Morita is active as art director and printing director. Yuriko Wada is active as artist and type designer. Together they established the creative team Paper Parade in 2017 to create new value in printing and paper making.They are the recipients of numerous awards, including YouFab Global Creative Awards 2015 Judges’ Special Prize and Applied Typography 2018 Best Work Award.