Grasset François Literary Chair
Literary Chair is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Furniture Design Award Category.
Literary Chair

A small, spiritual and dreamy chair that evokes the world of literature through the iconic object of a book. The backrest and seat take on the characteristic curves of open pages. The chair has been crafted in a minimalist fashion in order to focus on this resemblance, and to let the imagination be carried away by the wealth and beauty of the writing universe. The curved parts are made of polycarbonate that are attached to a 22 mm tubular steel base. The entire structure is lacquered. The chair is designed to be stackable.

Literary Chair
Grasset François Literary
Grasset François Chair
Grasset François design
Grasset François design
François GRASSET Design

François Grasset is a registered self-employed designer under French statute and is based in Chambéry (France). He works in the fields of furniture design and industrial design. Above all a means of communication, his objects are marked by humour, emotion and originality.