Nardin Sabounchi Front Bracelet
Front Bracelet is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Front Bracelet

In the Front bracelets collection, as the name implies, to comprehend the design of the work, it has to be observed face–front. The general state of the work is in the form of a complete circle, and the lines that form the decoration of the bracelet intersect with the outer circle. Additional details have been refused to convey the overall concept of the design. The bracelet is symmetrical on the vertical axis and completely asymmetrical on the horizontal axis. Due to the use of details inside, its size is different from the usual standards.

Front Bracelet
Nardin Sabounchi Front
Nardin Sabounchi Bracelet
Nardin Sabounchi design
Nardin Sabounchi design

Besides our daily life routines, in between the hardships of work-life, concerns for the future, and grieving the past, let's take a second and have a closer and deeper look at ourselves; "How unique are we"! Just think about it…. How strange it is that these faces and bodies only belong to us. Nobody is alike, and lots of beauties in this world are awaiting to be discovered. One day we woke up in the morning detaching ourselves from anything that makes all of us alike; we saw the exquisiteness and oneness of humans and nature; we drew and sketched them because we wanted to immortalize them. The idea of "Ela" started from here… on an eye-opening day in November 2018.