Yoram Cimet Glorieta Insurgentes Tower
Glorieta Insurgentes Tower is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Construction and Real Estate Projects Design Award Category.
Glorieta Insurgentes Tower

The Glorieta Insurgentes Tower was designed as one of Mexico's most sustainable and energy efficient High Rise's with an elegant and timeless design, which articulates two Avenues with the Insurgentes Roundabout taking its semicircular shape in an office building of 26 levels above ground with a 120 meters height. The tower has amenities for further comfort, an 800 people double height multi purpose hall with retractile bleachers in the 8th floor as well as vegetated roof gardens representing 20% of the plot area on top of the parking structure.

Glorieta Insurgentes Tower
Yoram Cimet Glorieta Insurgentes
Yoram Cimet Tower
Yoram Cimet design
Yoram Cimet design
Yoram Cimet

I am a Mexican architect who day by day I strive to have more knowledge about the city, renovation, public space, sustainability and real estate. I always apply this knowledge to all the designs and projects that I carry out in my professional life. I am convinced that the rescue of abandoned buildings in the city is a determining factor to improve public space and change according to the citizens who live around it. My greatest achievement has been to integrate the public space with my designs, giving the city a value improves the quality of life of the citizen.

CIMET Arquitectos

Cimet Arquitectos is a vertically integrated architectural firm, led by architects Sholem Cimet and Yoram Cimet, father and son, with more than 40 years designing, developing and building to improve the surroundings and the city overall, through residential and corporate typologies. Cimet Arquitectos focuses on encompassing the process of the built scene from real estate development to architectural design and from construction to property management, creating rich spatial experiences to improve people's lives creating a positive impact on the built environment. Cimet Arquitectos creates sustainable and timeless designs through the principles of comfort, living experience of the inhabitants, functionality, sustainability and energy efficiency, oriented to limit traffic, seismic resistance, quality of construction, quality of materials and low maintenance. It also prints strategic thinking and technical vision in the construction process, achieving very high-quality final products.