Ioana Morosan Ghepard Communication Logo Visual Identity
Ghepard Communication Logo Visual Identity is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Ghepard Communication Logo Visual Identity

The logo is designed for a marketing agency. The identity was built around the silhouette of a cheetah, with the intention of highlighting a few features such as power, speed and agility, representing the three values adopted by the agency. The result is a personalized, minimalist and modern graphic symbol. The cheetah's tail, appreciated for its length and very narrow waist played an important role in the design. The logo uses a modern font, the shape is very dynamic and also uses contrasting colors. The overall look makes it easier to apply it to different materials.

Ghepard Communication Logo Visual Identity
Ioana Morosan Ghepard Communication Logo
Ioana Morosan Visual Identity
Ioana Morosan design
Ioana Morosan design
Ioana Morosan

Ioana is a detail oriented person who takes pride in the quality of her work. She seeks to make the life of the brands she works for easier. She knows that being a visual identity designer demands creating things without expecting recognition from people who see them. It is the client who should get it and this is what makes her feel fulfilled.

Ghepard Communication

Ghepard Communication is a marketing and communication agency based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The agency has been operating since 2018 and acts as an outsourced marketing office for its client, intervening with analysis and research solutions, strategy and also implementation solutions, all based on a customized plan. Ghepard Communication's areas of expertise are: brand development, online marketing, public relations, outdoor advertising, design and promotional materials, offered within an objective thinking frame and finding long-term solutions to ensure the success of a brand.