İsil Gencoglu Mardin Cevzat Kasri Ecological Hotel
Mardin Cevzat Kasri Ecological Hotel is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Cultural Heritage and Culture Industry Design Award Category.
Mardin Cevzat Kasri Ecological Hotel

The project aims to bring two old but precious stone buildings back into life and functionalise them as an ecelogical hotel. Buildings which were originally built as residences are connected to each other by a road covered with vineyards and pomegranate trees all around, making the place a resort situated in nature. Once implemented, the project is sure to add value to the neighbourhood and the city.

Mardin Cevzat Kasri Ecological Hotel
İsil Gencoglu Mardin Cevzat Kasri
İsil Gencoglu Ecological Hotel
İsil Gencoglu design
İsil Gencoglu design
İsil Gencoglu

She has been working as an architect in Turkey for about 30 years. She designs and constructs hotels, schools, hospitals, residential buildings. Also, she has been trying to prevent the destruction of historical buildings by dealing with restoration for many years. She completed her doctoral thesis on the preservation of historical buildings and their re-functioning.She teaches students in design courses at universities. architecture is a passion, and being part of design is the most exciting thing ever.

Khg Architecture

KHG Architecture supports functionality and universality in architectural designs with life as the subject. In innovative projects in which sustainability is a priority, superior technical experience is strengthen with aesthetics; the user's functıonal needs are meet with modern functionality. The designs are made to life with the minimal details by the experienced KHG staff. Architecture, regarded as one of the oldest and sacred professions in the world, has been practised by KHG Architecture since 1994. KHG does not only design space; but builds a living area.