Wilson Hsu GreenPlax Tess Footwear
GreenPlax Tess Footwear is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Footwear, Shoes and Boots Design Award Category.
GreenPlax Tess Footwear

GreenPlax Tess designs as a reminder for the bottle upcycling process. Every 20 plastic bottles recycle material can make one pair of GreenPlax Tess in every major component. The outsole is particularly made from straight scraps of bottles while imitating its shapes. The color palette and silhouette design also replicate some beverage brands to create a direct visual impact, as a reminder for people of the sustainable issues from plastic bottles throw-away behaviors. It is also water-repellent, dirt-proof, and moisture-wicking. Sustainability is their forwarding mission bear in mind.

GreenPlax Tess Footwear
Wilson Hsu GreenPlax Tess
Wilson Hsu Footwear
Wilson Hsu design
Wilson Hsu design
Wilson Hsu

Wilson Hsu, the founder of CCILU International Inc. launched CCILU brand in Tokyo in 2011. CCILU possesses its’ own core competences in EVA injection forming field. The first product “Amazon Summer” won the Silver Award of the Best Designed Product in the 72th Tokyo International Gift Show. In 2012 Wilson created the chemical compound CCILUCELL and completed the CCILU trademark (footwear & apparel) registration in 93 countries. Now CCILU is still dedicating itself in creating light comfortable sneakers with a style that urges movement. The idea is to inspire others to find their unique course.

Ccilu International Inc.

Launched in 2011, this award-winning lifestyle brand is now sold in more than 60 countries, with 40+ Ccilu stores in Asia and a permanent presence established in North America, under the Ccilu USA banner. Via its sponsorship of the World of Dance live competition tour, and partnerships with PGA TOUR, Swarovski, Warner Bros, and co-branding with Hang Ten, GrandSlam. Ccilu Footwear is expanding its footprint in the USA and worldwide. "Ccilu" (CHEE-loo) means "liberate" in Japanese, and “liberate yourself” is our call to action, a reminder that we each have the power to defy limitations. For Ccilu, this means bringing our creativity and independent spirit to footwear evolution, thanks to Ccilu Footwear’s revolutionary technologies. These have evolved from comfort, fashion and function, to wellness and sustainability: in 2019, Ccilu unveiled XpreSole, a revolutionary technology that converts spent coffee grounds into sole material, reducing harmful methane emissions.