sanzpont [arquitectura] Living The Noom Housing
Living The Noom Housing is Platinum Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Living The Noom Housing

The project is based on 3 main axes; Wellness Living, Sustainability and Flexible Living. It aims to propose a new housing concept for the real estate market. A housing concept that offers wellness and sustainable features that benefit health and the environment, with a low density and low land occupancy percentage while maintaining a competitive and affordable price. It also offers Flexible Living because it is designed as an open-plan building that can be configured in multiple options and satisfy different needs.

Living The Noom Housing
sanzpont [arquitectura] Living The Noom
sanzpont [arquitectura] Housing
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sanzpont [arquitectura] design
sanzpont [arquitectura]

Our main interest is creativity and design, from small to large scale projects, whether furniture, interior spaces, or large buildings. Our design hilosophy is based on a constant search for innovation which goes hand in hand with our methodology of applying the latest technologies to our process of design. We believe that architecture is art, but it must have functional utility to the user, be comfortable and adapt to the site. Architecture should provide a variety of human sensations, it must create a connection between the user and the city, between the site and the environment, and it mustbe useful, logical, beautiful and sustainable. All our work is based on cutting edge BIM technology (Building Information Modeling), which allows us to create integrated information projects with maximum quality and reliability. Having offices in three different countries, USA, Spain and México, has allowed us to create a significant network of professionals and businesses that work with us to ensure the successful completion of our designs around the world. At the same time, it has allowed us to better understand other cultures, languages and ways of thinking and doing business. Our unique business structure and strategic office locations allow us to better anticipate the needs of our clients in all regions.

Sanzpont [arquitectura]

Sanzpont [arquitectura] is an internationally recognised office as #1 Best Designer of Mexico 2016 at World Design Rankings(Milan, Italy) working through belief architecture as an art, but it has to be functional, comfortable and adapted to the site by Bioclimatic Principles. Currently with offices in Barcelona, Cancun and Chicago basing their work on digital technology. With several international awards, his main interest is the search for originality and creativity in architectural design, from small to large scale. Its design philosophy is based on a constant search for innovation and creativity, always focused on the user and with great respect to the environment, which must set standards at the urban level, sensations at level spaces and presence in the memory of the user. Its working methodology is fully three-dimensional design using new BIM technologies, where creating intelligent digital models containing construction database of each created project.