Yajun Wang Imilab AI Camera
Imilab AI Camera is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Security, Safety and Surveillance Products Design Award Category.
Imilab AI Camera

Imilab is an AI camera for home use. Its geometric minimalist design is inspired by Yuhua stone. The round body reduces the risk of bumps. The whole body is made of UV resistant plastic that is not sprayed to cause less pollution, and its smooth surface will not accurate dust easily. The AI recognition function can accurately recognize various movements by people and pets in the shooting area. IP67 water proof can work in extreme environments such as storms or environmental temperature of -30 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius.

Imilab AI Camera
Yajun Wang Imilab
Yajun Wang AI Camera
Yajun Wang design
Yajun Wang design
Yajun Wang

IMILAB is a trusted global provider of smart home security solutions. Founded in April 2014, IMILAB is best known as a leading supplier of smart home security solutions with over 30 million security cameras sold worldwide. Now, we are continuing to innovate by improving our renowned smart home solutions. Through intelligent design and integrated wireless technology, peace of mind is as easy as a click of a button.

Shanghai Imilab Technology Co., Ltd.

IMILAB is not just a company focused on smart home gadgets. They are parents and family members, business owners, and homeowners. They understand the value of our properties and the vital need to protect them, they developed easy-to-use security cameras, offering all the tools needed to keep users‘ loved ones and guests safe. Established in April 2014, IMILAB do this with the understanding that security is not a product but a fundamental necessity. IMILAB is also a major smart security technology provider for Samsung and Xiaomi. They aim to redefine a more secure life. Their mission is simple: We want to keep your family, property, and neighborhood safe. They're also passionate about providing customers access to high-quality, smart home products at affordable prices. They started IMILAB to build a more secure home with wisdom as the starting point, based on high-tech enterprises in the field of smart homes. IMILAB work with their partners to make the latest technology that serves every family and creates a happy home life.