Lingjun Sun Fissure Jewellery
Fissure Jewellery is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Fissure Jewellery

Fissure is a collection inspired by the crevices in melting ice caps and dried earth. Each piece of this collection is hand-carved into a three-dimensional lattice with lines mimicking those found in nature. A thoughtful design logic hides between the organic lines of each piece in the Fissure collection, contributing to balanced compositions of seemingly random components.

Fissure Jewellery
Lingjun Sun Fissure
Lingjun Sun Jewellery
Lingjun Sun design
Lingjun Sun design
Lingjun Sun

Lingjun Sun is a designer and goldsmith based in Australia. He worked as a gemologist, opal cutter and fine jewellery designer before moving to London to pursue his Masters in Design at Central Saint Martins. Sun is endlessly fascinated by structure, both natural and manmade. Experimenting with forms, colours, textures and materials, Lingjun continually searches for ways to express his vision of spatial beauty. His jewellery is most often inspired by architecture and details found in nature. It is a reflection of the countless intricacies and details we unknowingly encounter every day.

Lingjun Sun Jewellery

Lingjun Sun Jewellery was founded in 2019. The founder, Lingjun Sun, worked as a gemmologist, jewellery designer and opal cutter before he moved to London to pursue his MA program in Central Saint Martins in London, UK. Artistic wearable sculpture is becoming Sun's latest approach.