Ximena Ureta Organic Wine Packaging
Organic Wine Packaging is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Packaging Design Award Category.
Organic Wine Packaging

Organic, Naturally Crafted, is inspired by the self-sustaining ecosystem created in organic vineyards, without the use of chemicals and synthetics. This ecosystem, generated in the vineyard, is fundamental to achieve a natural balance that protects the vineyards from pests and diseases. That is why designers highlight the natural ecosystem that lives within organic vineyards, as they are responsible for the health and fertilization of the grapes. This is a certified organic and vegan wine brand.

Organic Wine Packaging
Ximena Ureta Organic
Ximena Ureta Wine Packaging
Ximena Ureta design
Ximena Ureta design
Ximena Ureta

She is a designer who can harmonically communicate, with an artistic and aesthetic sense, while meeting the strategic objective of her clients.


Brothers Hernán and Eduardo Gras, set up the winery in 1993, combining state-of-the art-technology with the talent and passion of a very special group of people. Hernán brought the substantial winemaking experience he had gained in Canada, while his brother, Eduardo contributed with their entrepreneurial visión and pragmatic business acumen. Their combination of skills and experience has enabled MontGras to become one of Chile´s foremost wine groups. Today, we are one of the largest 100% family-owned Chilean wineries, exporting to more than 40 countries worldwide. Our strong business model, underpinned by a broad portfolio of wines with well-positioned brands and strong long-term relationships with our commercial partners around the wold, have allowed us to deliver first-class products to our consumers. And it is consumer loyalty that has allowed MontGras to consistently grow faster than the rest of the industry, becoming the youngest winery to make the top of Chile´s wine-exporting in 2013. We have gained national and international certificación according to the strictest standards, including BRC with A+and HACCP. We were also one of the first wineries to be certified sustainable by the Wines of Chile Winery Code.