Fulden Topaloglu Ege Rug Collection
Ege Rug Collection is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Furniture Design Award Category.
Ege Rug Collection

Ege is a series of kilims reflecting an admiration for the visual and emotional expressiveness of the sea surface, with its fluid movements, and hues of color reflections that create a relaxing effect on the human psyche. Taking its inspiration from the blue Aegean Sea, the collection reinterprets centuries old craft traditions of Anatolian kilim weaving with a modern, contemporary and sensual design approach. Handwoven by Anatolian weavers using 100% sheep wool, Ege collection aims to bring the Aegean spirit full of sea, wind, sand and nature to the interior space.

Ege Rug Collection
Fulden Topaloglu Ege
Fulden Topaloglu Rug Collection
Fulden Topaloglu design
Fulden Topaloglu design
Fulden Topaloglu

Fulden Topaloglu is an engineer turned designer who has worked as a designer and design manager for renowned brands in the Turkish market, carrying out projects for companies from different industrial sectors, like furniture, accessories, home textiles, packaging, jewelry, food and houseware. In 2018, she established her design studio, named Studio Kali, where she channels her passion and experience towards providing design services, as well as building a meaningful and inspirational brand for living spaces with Studio Kali’s product collection. Fulden’s work crosses a broad spectrum of design disciplines and mediums, merging ideas and techniques from craft, art and culture to reimagine and shape inspiring products, objects and experiences. In Studio Kali’s product collection, she specifically focuses on products that are at the intersection of craft production and modern design. Through this deliberate choice, Studio Kali aims to support craftsmanship, cultural heritage and local industry, while using design as a bridge between the traditions of the past and the modern aesthetics of the present.

Studio Kali

Studio Kali is a young, Istanbul based design studio founded by Fulden Topaloglu in 2018. The studio works in the fields of product design, furniture design and packaging design, as well as offering creative consultancy to brands and private clients. Additionally, beginning with 2019, Studio Kali launched its first product collection, embarking upon the desire to offer inspirational products for living spaces. Founder and designer Fulden Topaloglu channels her passion for design, art, culture and craft to provide design services under Studio Kali as well as to create a meaningful and inspirational brand for living spaces.