Liang Fang Kang Yuan Hotel
Kang Yuan Hotel is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Kang Yuan Hotel

Short-term spa relaxation is hardly more attractive than a complete experience. Homogeneous competition and standardized business services make it difficult for brands to form deep memories. Behind the demand for interior design is essentially a brand upgrade. The solution given by the team is a "healthy and health complex", which integrates foot massage, tea, light food, SPA/health, and local culture to help Party A build brand potential from a higher dimension.

Kang Yuan Hotel
Liang Fang Kang Yuan
Liang Fang Hotel
Liang Fang design
Liang Fang design
China Han Design

At the beginning of the establishment of Sihan Design (CHD), it is committed to the exploration and practice of commercial space design, reviewing the market for changes in management, design, market shape and other aspects for accuracy, and focusing on the international narrative of local languages in the practice methodology to strive for innovation. . The company has achieved outstanding results in many fields such as hotels and entertainment, and its outstanding design innovation ability and professional commercial space integration and settlement ability have made the company famous in the industry for its brand effect.