Jimmy Chew Sogurt Froyo Ice Cream Packaging
Sogurt Froyo Ice Cream Packaging is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Packaging Design Award Category.
Sogurt Froyo Ice Cream Packaging

Jimmy created a packaging system that is fully aligned with the Sogurt brand and founder’s personality. Featuring bright pastel shades, a reflection of the brand’s approachable, fun-loving, free-spirited and elegant voice. With careful consideration of the type treatments and materialization, the design showcases uniquely overlaid illustrations to personify the fusion of key ingredients in each deliciously healthy crafted flavor. Reflecting an optimistic aesthetic, the design features a positive messaging "Crafted With Love and All Things Good".

Sogurt  Froyo Ice Cream Packaging
Jimmy Chew Sogurt
Jimmy Chew Froyo Ice Cream Packaging
Jimmy Chew design
Jimmy Chew design
Jimmy Chew

With more than 22 years of experience in the design industry with experience in UX / UI design, branding, visual communications & packaging design, the combination of multi-disciplinary backgrounds has equipped Jimmy with unique sets of skills ideally positioned to meet the needs of all clientele. Specialising in UI/UX Design (Weapons System, Communications & Dashboard Design) & Branding, proudest moment for Jimmy has been to use his UX/UI designs, creative thinking & skillsets to collaborate with Republic of Singapore Navy, Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Civil Defence Force & Singapore's Satellite System to aid & benefit his country. His overseas collaborations also include UI/UX support for startups in United States collaborating with United States of Veteran Affairs.


Sogurt is a well-loved home-grown froyo brand in Singapore founded in 2010. The brand is the first in Singapore to introduce a novel concept of a fully self-serve frozen yogurt store, introducing fun and fresh DIY bar to explore endless possibilities of innovative flavours and toppings. Over the years, Sogurt has perfected a delicious soft-serve recipe for the young, old and health-conscious with their offering of low-fat, high calcium product blend. After a year of R&D collaborating with a food tech company, in January 2021, Sogurt launched the first locally-produced “Healthier-Choice” certified product line of frozen yogurt ice-cream with prebiotics, live cultures and made with coconut oil. The first brand in Singapore to launch probiotic froyo ice-cream.